Magnifico is a chansonnier,
a cowboy, a balkan

With his first three albums – “Od srca od srca” (1993), “Gdo je čefur” (1996) and “Sexy Boy” (1999) – he established himself as an unorthodoxly versatile composer and musician in the ex-yu region. With his borderless music he often brought up lively public reaction. In 2002 his provocations reached as far as European Parliament: Magnifico was the mastermind behind the Slovenian entry in that year’s Eurovision Song Contest. “Only Love / Samo ljubezen” was sung by a trio of transvestites “Sestre” and sparked anti-gay protests across Slovenia and furious debate in Slovenian Parliament, reaching as far as the European level. As a result of this and his later works like “Magnifico is a faggot / Magnifico je peder“, he obtained an iconic status among the LGBT community.


Magnifico’s music is deeply inspired by the ex-yugoslav schlager music scene, spiced with unique blend of latin, reggae, surf and balkan elements.

In 2004 Sony music entertainment released his fourth studio album titled ̋”Export/Import“, featuring the smash hit ̋”Hir ai kam, Hir ai go” and the eclectic ̋”Giv Mi Mani“. The magnificently diverse Balkan-beat album got a lot of airtime on radio stations and clubs throughout the world, which introduced Magnifico to a much wider audience. His music also appeared on a wildly popular Putumayo compilations as well as many others, such as BalkanBeats vol.3 and Swing Style vol.3.


In 2010 his fifth studio album ̋”Magnification” was released by Piranha Musik. This time around he took a Balkan spaghetti-western turn. The first single ̋”Zum zum” is a special blend of surf guitars with gypsy saxophone wizard Ferus Mustafov. Although primarily a musician, Magnifico acted in three Slovenian feature movies in both leading and supporting film roles (“Stereotip” 1997, “Pornofilm” 2000, “Poker” 2001, “Kajmak in marmelada” 2003).


Always looking for new and creative ways to challenge himself, he composed music scores for several movie features (“Stereotip” 1997, “Prepisani” 2010, “Montevideo, bog te video” 2010, “Montevideo, vidimo se” 2014 ). Respecting the traditional ways of recording film scores he collaborated with the Serbian Army Orchestra Stanislav Binički, which resulted in the 2011 “Montevideo Bog te video” and in the 2014 “Montevideo, vidimo se” soundtrack. This soundtrack also features the collaboration with Luz Casal.


Magnifico’s latest studio album Charlatan de Balkan was released internationally on September 2016.

After a sold out arena in 2017 at his hometown Ljubljana, 2018 brings a new successful collaboration with a well-known director Dragan Bjelogrlić. Song Divna that is a part of a record-breaking series Senke nad Balkanom becomes a new anthem in bars around Serbia.
… And something in that signature moustachioed smirk of his assures us that the best is yet to come.